Large photos can look stunningly beautiful in the right setting. This is what the image of “Writing on the Tree” would look like above a couch. A good photo can turn a normal room into a stunningly beautiful living or work space.

How to purchase some of my photographs.
I have uploaded over four hundred of my best images to a company called Fine Art America (also known as Pixels.) They can print and frame any photograph you choose. They have very high quality production which is important with art objects. The other good thing is they have a production house multiple countries so when you order, they will print it, frame it and ship if from a site near you so the shipping will be minimal. They also offer a money back guarantee so there is no risk.
Click on the Fine Art America button to see my online shopping cart.
BTW you can switch between CM and Inches in the shopping cart by scrolling all the way to the bottom of the shopping cart page and going to the LOCATION SETTINGs area on the bottom right hand side.