Photography as Art

Large photos can look stunningly beautiful in the right setting. This is what the image of “The clouds above America” would look like above a couch. A good photo can turn a normal room into a stunningly beautiful living or work space. For more details click on the images below or click the GALLERY button in the menu.

Flying Fish

With a little bit of imagination I can see these clouds as flying fish. I wonder if fish have dreams of flying, I know I do.

Lost Years

Maybe she is thinking about all the lost years she threw away and now she longs to meet him again. But more likely she is thinking about what to cook for dinner.


Nature has a way of making colours that are so stunning that it kinda makes me wonder if someone up there was trying to impress me. Well let me say that I am impressed.

Storm Up North

I know things like clouds and rocks are not alive but sometime the look like they could be people. This was a cloud that looks like a person and it was weird because it was a storm but the water was calm. Sometime I don’t understand people and I never understand clouds.


Once in a while the heavenly shades of night start falling and I feel like I am in a storybook. This happened a while ago and I was lucky to get a photo of the whole thing. Now I need to write a story so I can put the picture in the story book where it belongs.

Heading For Home

Nice thing about having a partner is you have someone to go home with at the end of the day. The nice thing about the end of the day is you get to go home with your partner. Amazing how things work out for the best sometimes.


When I am walking along thinking about all my problems and feeling sorry for myself, I sometimes look up and when I see this kinda stuff it makes me wonder if I am not fully understanding what kinda mess I am in.

Not at home

I was walking along the beach thinking about something far away and I realized I was not at home. Then I noticed I was at the beach and realized I was pretty far from home. Then I realized I was feeling right at home at the beach.

evening storm

I love a sunny day when the water is clear and the sky is blue. This was not one of those days. But it had its own beauty. It was cold and windy and I could feel the sand blasting on my ankles from the intense wind. I think I prefer the sunny days.

Looking For A Friend

There are some people who are eager to meet and talk to you. When I met this flower it was very enthusiastic to have a chat. I was really busy so I couldn’t stop and talk but it made me realize how rare people are who are willing to open up and be a friend. Now to think about it, I think I am like that.

First Appearance

After the rain clears this flower was out looking for the sun. Kinda reminds me of a girl I knew in High School who also loved the sun. I wonder if they know each other?.

Storm Over Melbourne

Did you ever notice that after winter; spring comes for a few days and then it’s back to winter again. Sometimes I think the weather is a lesson in success. You just have to keep going and someday the sun will shine. But in the meantime you get rained on once in a while. But in Melbourne you get rained on all the time.

Going Some Place

Do you ever feel like you are in a terrible rush to go somewhere and do something important but you are really not sure what you are doing or why it is so important. Well you are not alone.

evening on the gulf

After a busy day I often reflect on what I actually accomplished and realize that mostly what I do does not make any difference, really. So what are we doing here anyway? What’s the point of all this? Kinda makes me wonder what it’s all about. Do you ever think about that kind of stuff?

Lost Dog

Sometimes I wonder how I find anything at all. The world is so big and I have so much in my mind. Where does it all come from and where is it all stored?

On the way home

It was just about sunset and I was on my way home when I came across this flower that was casting its shadow on the fence. The colour harmony was so nice and the flower was wishing me a good evening. So I stopped to say hello and had a short talk about how the day had been. It was a bit shy but reluctantly allowed me to take its picture. As I walked away it said, “See ya later.”

Candy Floss

The wind took the day off and the clouds had nowhere to go. The water was so flat that the birds decided to walk. I lay down and slept and dreamt of the days when I thought I was sad, but now think I was actually happy.

Three Belles

I stopped to take this picture and the old lady came out and asked me what I was doing. I thought she was upset with me but I explained that I was taking a photo of her beautiful flowers. She was thrilled. In the 70 years she had lived there no one had ever commented on her flowers. She loved me.

Spring at last

We suffered through a long cold winter and on the first warm day we met the flowers. They were complaining about the long winter too.